Common issues found with Medical Practices

Clients often approach us because they're experiencing performance problems.


They've often been told that replacing their server will 'speed things up'.  A lot of the time this is not the root cause and unfortunately in some cases customers only find this out having spend thousands of dollars on replacing their server only to find that there is no improvement.  Sometimes it's even made matters worse.


Our approach with new clients is to get to know their systems before changing anything.  To begin making changes right away would be like treating a patient without taking a history.


Here are just a few of the common issues that we find when we're getting to know systems that have been setup poorly.  Some of them result in performance issues and others can pose a serious security risk. (This is one area where some geek speak is unavoidable...)


  • Practice management systems rely on certain parameters to be set to work optimally and these are often overlooked.

  • Hardware has been configured to use virtual servers, configured incorrectly so that the virtual server is only using part of the available resources.

  • The changeover from old server to new server hasn't been carried out properly and issues have arisen as a result.

  • Internet security software is either missing or it's been installed but not configured, so it's not providing complete protection.



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